It’s all About the Love

The Journey – Day 4

I re-started my journey with Eve on Tuesday.  I sent her a message on Facebook and told her I missed her.  After a few messages back and forth, she arranged with her mom to stop by and see me after school.  She’s a junior in high school and we live in the same neighborhood.

I will love this girl this week.  I will love this girl this forever.

She is precious to God, she is broken, she is hurting.

Life is a little better since her alcoholic step-dad moved out, but now her mom is on her own, raising 3 kids and working at iHop.

She has been attending some sort of Native American tent meetings with her Aunt, and this scares me.  It scares me a lot.

She needs to know that God loves her, that we love her, that she should be in church, not tent meetings.  She should not be with people who are praying to “spirits”.  It’s dangerous.

We had a nice visit, we talked about the meetings with her Aunt and why they scare me.  She told me she was coming to our church’s weekly bible study the next night, on Wednesday.  She didn’t make it.

But I will not wander this week.  I will love her, I will be there for her, I will encourage her.  I want her to learn that being a Christian is more than going to church on Sunday.

I need to find a way to reach out to her mom…

Please pray for Eve today.  Pray that she will come to church on Sunday, that she will continue to spend time with her Aunt, but NOT at a tent meeting.  Pray for her family situation, that her mom will be able to provide for the family.  Pray that she will feel God’s love and that it will help to mend her brokeness.

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Prone to Wander

Day 2 of the journey.

How do I start to make a real impact in the lives of these kids?  These kids who appear to have everything, but when you get to know them, they also often seem to have nothing.  They are empty, they are starving, but not for food, for God.

So my plan this week is to start with one.

One perfect girl, one girl who God loves more than I can ever know.

She is created by Him, and loved by Him.  Completely.

And she drives me crazy every day, because she wanders, she doesn’t follow through, she doesn’t seem to listen, and she makes the same mistakes over and over again.

I love this girl, but sometimes I wander from her because she wanders from God, and it makes me crazy, and tired. She exhausts me, just like I exhaust God, but He doesn’t wander from me, even when I wander from Him.  He is steady and dependable, I am not.

So my goal this week is to be steady and dependable for her.  I will not wander, I will not let her get lost, I will pray for her, I will love her.  Every day.

I will share Eve’s story with you, but for now, please pray for her.  Pray that she will find God, and not wander from him, that she will spend the rest of her life following him and sharing His love with others.  Pray that her family situation will improve and that she will learn to love herself, just as God loves her.

Pray that her life will be focused on God.

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In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was a city that was among the richest cities on the United States, and was ranked one of the safest. A great place to raise a family, a great place to live. So how do you minister to kids who have everything? How do you show them that they need God when they don’t want for anything?

Maybe you have to see past the cars and the big houses and the xboxes, and see the hurt and the pain and the emptiness of their lives when they don’t have God.

So this is the beginning. The beginning of figuring out how to minister to youth who have everything, yet have nothing.

My heart breaks for the kids if my city just as it breaks for the poor and hungry in underdeveloped nations. The circumstances are different, their needs are different, but they need God, they need love, they need support, and they need adults in their lives who care.

The journey begins, in the beginning.

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